How to Evaluate Effectiveness of Your Safety Measures 

Whitepaper | August, 2022

Evaluation and measurement are essential elements in every management process and serve as the foundation for continuous improvement. If the evaluation is not done effectively, the effectiveness of the health and safety management system is jeopardized, and there is no trustworthy information to educate managers about how successfully the health and safety risks are managed.

The fundamental goal of evaluating health and safety performance is to provide information on the progress and present status of an organization’s health and safety programs, and activities.

Also, the health and safety management system have a significant impact on the safety culture, which in turn has an impact on the health and safety management system’s effectiveness. Measuring characteristics of safety culture is thus a component of the entire process of assessing health and safety performance.

In this video whitepaper, we talk about:

  • Evaluation of implemented safety measures
  • How MRM and follow-up actions help to make safety measures effective
  • How to involve your employees to improve your safety culture
  • And more

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