EHS Management ROI

Whitepaper | May, 2023

In the past, organizations used to opt for legal settlements instead of changing processes after a safety incident. Back then, it was difficult to calculate the tangible benefits of hazard prevention. Companies considered building EHS teams, establishing processes, and adopting EHS software to be unnecessary expenses.

However, noncompliance with environmental, health, and safety regulations is no longer an option. OSHA and EPA have made it clear that organizations must adhere to recommended practices or face substantial fines and penalties.

OSHA is taking on the role of a facilitator, highlighting the benefits of adopting improved EHS practices. One initiative is the SAFE + SOUND campaign, which encourages businesses to establish health and safety programs throughout the year.

Designing a strong EHS management program and automating it with a modern solution has become a no-brainer for most EHS leaders. However, it's not sufficient to ensure success.

Despite increased awareness, EHS functions are frequently perceived as cost centers. In addition, safety is frequently added to a functional or business leader's list of responsibilities.

In this whitepaper, we highlight the real value of implementing a robust EHS management system. We will be discussing how effective and efficient EHS solution delivers many tangible and intangible benefits.

We are also going to cover the following topics

  • Tangible & intangible benefits of better EHS management
  • Cost of poor safety
  • Intangible benefits of EHS management – enabled by automation
  • Tangible benefits of a well-designed safety management system
  • Automating safety management to improve ROI
  • And more

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