Data and AI-driven Supplier Performance Management to Drive Competitive Advantage

Whitepaper | December, 2020

Supply chain management leaders are looking to unlock additional value from their supply chain and it is no longer only about Quality, Cost and Delivery (QCD). The future of supply chain management revolves around building lasting partnerships with critical suppliers. In this Whitepaper, we share ideas and approaches for SCM leaders to embrace digital transformation, data, and, possibly even Artificial Intelligence (AI) to drive supplier excellence.

Clearly defining the “success criteria” and expectations from all suppliers is a crucial first step to supplier performance management. A well-designed Supplier Scorecard will help both manufacturers and suppliers keep track of all Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). A metrics-driven supplier management system with a partnership mindset will act as a game-changer for procurement operations.

If you wish to design a comprehensive supplier performance management process complete with Performance Metrics, KPIs and Continuous Improvement (CI) targets then this whitepaper is a must read for you!

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