Control or Mess – Where’s My Document?

Whitepaper | August, 2022

Document Management is a software that helps you manage the entire lifecycle of documents in digital format like word, excel, presentations, emails etc. Physical documents can be scanned and converted into digital format and then managed by DMS. A DMS defines all the rules related to document management in your company like how a document can be created, who has access to it, who can edit the document, how it is stored and when the document can be purged.

Not only does a well-designed and efficient Document Management System save your company the space used for storing thousands of files, but it also saves a lot of time for your employees by automating the document management process. Judicious redistribution of this saved time and effort can generate further benefit by contributing to other core activities, such as quality improvement efforts, creation of customer satisfaction strategies, compliance, easier audits, training and what not.

It’s worth noting that a Document Management System is only as good as its implementation, and simple replication of the workflow used for physical documents is not going to cut it for the digital avatar of the same document. No matter how secure your documents are, all the security is wasted if you cannot access them when it is needed. But if you follow certain tips, finding content in a Document Management System can become incredibly easier.

In the olden days of physical documents, files were stored in color-coded folders, in locked cabinets, in documents rooms, of individual departments. And before anyone could begin to start looking for the document needed, they first had to find the appropriate authority to authorize the retrieval of the document, and then they had to find the person who had the keys to these storerooms and these cabinets. After finding the document needed, they would make a copy of it to avoid going through all the red tape again, only to realize a month later that their copy of the document is now outdated.

Fortunately, the electronic versions of the documents can eliminate most of this inefficiency by enforcing role-based access of the document in vaults that are largely transparent to the user from a folder structure point of view.

In this whitepaper, we talk about:

  • Typical challenges associated with physical document management
  • How to get the best out of your DMS
  • Automation in document management
  • On-Premises Vs Cloud-based DMS
  • And more

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