4 Key Pointers for Supplier Selection

Whitepaper | January, 2023

Supplier selection is the process of finding the right supplier for your business. It encompasses all the steps taken to find, select, and work with a supplier. The key to selecting the best suppliers is understanding what you need from them.

Choosing the right supplier involves much more than scanning a series of price lists. Your choice will depend on a wide range of factors such as value for money, quality, reliability, and service. How you weigh up the importance of these different factors will be based on your business’ priorities and strategy.

In this video whitepaper, we will talk about the impact that an efficient supplier selection process can have on the performance of the business and 4 key criteria that can help improve your supplier selection process substantially.

It will be presented by Tim Brown who is the VP of Product at ComplianceQuest. Tim has over 25 years of medical device, manufacturing industry and software development experience. He oversees the product development activities for product innovation and is responsible for customer experience as well.

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