The 13 Questions to Ask When Buying an EQMS for Your Enterprise

Whitepaper | May, 2021

Our goal of creating this Buyer’s Guide is simple and straightforward, we want quality leaders to ask all the right questions before buying an EQMS. But that’s not enough. Once the questions are answered, you also need to be equipped to evaluate the answers so you know how a particular EQMS will fit into your company’s workflow.

Additionally, it is important to note that every enterprise is a little different internally. Depending on your sector, regulatory and compliance requirements are different. The EQMS you pick must be customizable and flexible, so it fits into your current workflow and processes.

In this Buyer’s Guide, we go step-by-step and start with the questions that need to be asked.

We’re dividing this questionnaire into the following three categories:

  • Look internally and figure out what problems you are looking to solve with an EQMS
  • Questions to ask in the Demo Phase
  • Finally, picking the right EQMS between your top two or three choices

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