Supply Chain Issues / Collaboration
Webinar | September 23rd, 2021

Supply Chain Issues / Collaboration – A Manufacturing Spotlight Series Webinar

Today’s supply chains are complex, and manufacturers rely on them to get the raw materials and parts they need to make their products.

A car may contain thousands of individual parts, and while the manufacturer will make some of these parts in-house, they will likely also source many of them from other suppliers. How can they ensure that the parts from those suppliers will meet their quality standards?

Additionally, trade regulations, market requirements costs, and policies constantly changing so how can a company ensure that it received the highest quality materials?

The answer to these questions lies in ensuring you have the right supplier quality strategy and having an electronic system that supports your strategy.

In this webinar we will discuss:

  • Integrated Technology Architectures
  • Implementation of Supplier Risk
  • Identifying metrics and KPIs to monitor Supplier Performance
  • Collaborative environments for managing Supplier Compliance and Audits

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