May 20th, 2021 | 01:15

Medical Device Manufacturing: After Surviving 2020, Win in 2021

So what’s the secret behind the MedTech companies that flourished during the 2020 Chaos? Those winners had already broken-down information silos and were working collaboratively across production, quality, service, partners, and suppliers. While they captured market share, others struggled to keep up, pushed workers to the limit, and relied on guts and guesses to avoid losing everything.

Join us for this virtual roundtable to hear what separated the winners from the rest as our panel of MedTech experts discuss the pandemic’s impact on the industry, what’s working on the front lines and factory floors, and why your 2021 success depends on how well—and how fast—you can adapt.

When you attend this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to use connectivity, insights, and collaboration to thrive and grow
  • How to mitigate the risk of falling even further behind as the pandemic ebbs
  • What tangible next steps you can take today to move your operations into the winner’s bracket
  • What missteps you can avoid on the journey to digital transformation success
  • The right time to move from planning to acting on manufacturing modernization

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