Changing the Game in Safety Management with Automated Portal
CQ Hero | June 8th, 2021

Changing the Game in Safety Management with Automated Portal

When Barbara LaBarge, Global Safety Quality Director, joined Fluence Energy in 2018, she was the sole safety and quality team member in the fledgling startup. LaBarge, who began her career in aviation safety in the Navy and then worked at the DOD and NASA, was excited about the opportunity to build a safety program from the ground up.

“When it comes to quality and safety, the principles are the same, regardless of the industry you’re in. With my background in aviation safety and engineering, and in quality assurance, it was an amazing opportunity to be innovative and create initiatives that could help us get up to speed on a global scale.”

In just three short years, LaBarge grew the Safety and Quality department to over 25 staff members, and her accomplishments have brought the energy storage company to a world-class level.

LaBarge spearheaded the development of a learning management system designed to meet global regulatory requirements; placed safety and quality directors in the company’s three main regions worldwide; established regional and global safety committees, an incident investigation team, and project-focused safety officers; and ensured the company was internationally certified in ISO 9001, ISO 45001, ISO 14001, and SA 8000.

In addition, she implemented a safety management portal, which tracks the various global and regional trends in the company, including incidents, work hours, and corrective actions.

“We wanted a safety management portal that was automated, customizable, and integrated with Salesforce, which we use for project management and business development. When we saw ComplianceQuest’s solutions, we knew it would be a perfect match. With the portal, we can see quantitative metrics and trends based on region and track investigation statuses; it helps us take a proactive approach to addressing and preventing incidents.”

LaBarge likes that everything can be accessed in one platform, that it’s mobile-friendly, and that it helps enforce safety initiatives. “The portal is a huge lifesaver. There’s an entire dashboard related to safety and quality where we can manage root cause analysis, investigations, and corrective and preventive actions, and tie these to a project and analyze the statistics.”

The ComplianceQuest portal was presented to ISO external auditors for ISO 9001 and 45001, and it was well received. Fluence has never had a finding relative to occupational safety and health management. “This has made my life so much easier, and the visuals help me articulate where we stand when it comes to safety and quality.”

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