CQ Guide: Don’t Just ‘Manage’ Complaints, But Derive Insights from Complaints Data

At ComplianceQuest, we recently published a Whitepaper titled “Complaint Handling Made Easy for Large Med Device Enterprise Companies with a Next-Generation EQMS”. The paper highlighted the following topics related to quality management:

  • Automation of the process of handling complaints
  • Why a well-designed process for handling complaints is critical to improve quality performance
  • In a number of sectors like pharma and medical devices, there are regulatory requirements associated with complaints. The paper covered how some of these regulatory submissions can be automated with a modern EQMS solution like ComplianceQuest

To download the full paper, visit: https://www.compliancequest.com/whitepaper/complaint-handling-made-easy-with-next-gen-eqms/

In this CQ Guide, we talk about how medical device companies must do whatever it takes to not only “manage” complaints but derive insights from complaints data. A data-driven process for analyzing complaints – with the right analytical capabilities – will definitely enhance quality performance.

Looking for a modern EQMS solution for better complaints handling? Wouldn’t it be wonderful of your EQMS solution can automatically analyze complaints data and prioritize corrective actions by risk level or priority?

With CQ EQMS, all of this is possible. Request a demo here:

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