Moving from Paper to Digital in 5 Days: An Electronic Document Management System to Jumpstart Your Workforce Digitalization Effort

Moving from Paper to Digital in 5 Days: An Electronic Document Management System to Jumpstart Your Workforce Digitalization Effort

Digital technologies are dramatically reshaping industries. But digital transformation is a lot more than just implementing electronic systems and is all about devising strategies for creating new business models and improving the way businesses engage with their customers, both internal and external. This also impacts the workforce, demanding the upskilling of your team and empowering them to align to the new digital needs of the business and the economy.

Transforming Work Profile

In fact, as the level of digitization increased over the years, the job market has also changed dramatically in the corresponding period. Currently, there are 200-300 new job profiles that didn’t exist before! These have been driven by digital economy and digital transformation.

Between 2002 and 2016, 545 job profiles needed greater digital skills across industries and functions. In 2002, only 5 percent of employees had high level digitalisation skills but in 2016, the need has gone up to 23 percent of the workforce. This has also set a premium on the role of instructional coordinators who can help with training the workforce to keep pace. 

A Mckinsey study stresses on the importance of leadership, capability building, empowering workers, upgrading tools and communication as being key to successfully implementing digital transformation.

Founded on Sound Practices

To enable successful workforce digitization and digital transformation from paper systems, you need a starting point. The documentation management system is that foundation for what will ultimately become your quality management system. This gives your capabilities around producing safe and quality products and delivering safe and quality services. It is important as it helps you in identify the true north and giving you the ability to have clarity of purpose to understand your business.

The document management system has all the policies and procedures, the standard operating procedures, and is the bulwark on which the business runs. Especially in times like now when business disruption is the norm, the document management system can provide the entire organization with clarity and directions to execute, recalibrate, change directions and upgrade. It can also help you capture the changes and share it with the workforce and stakeholders so that they know what they need to do, what they need to deliver.

A manual system cannot achieve this kind of transparency and automated sharing, and so, this is a good time to go digital. 

Achieve it in 5 Days

A truly cloud-based SaaS document management solution like the one offered by ComplianceQuest, can achieve this in five days while also ensuring workforce empowerment and training for continuous improvement.

Our flexible, robust and scalable solution built on the platform can be implemented in 5 days. The tool contains all the features a business needs for collaboration across geographies and levels, with sufficient access control and version control features.

Day 1 

  • Install CQ Production & Sandbox
  • Create users and permissions

Day 2

  • Capture organization structure
  • Categorize documents for easy access
  • Approval Matrices for enabling access only to authenticated and authorized users
  • Templates for generating documents quickly and in a consistent manner

Day 3

  • Binders or Folder Structures
  • Work Instructions

Day 4

  • UAT
  • Deploy to Production

Day 5

  • Validation
  • Go Live

Workforce Upskilling

The document management feature is part of Compliance Quest’s solution platform for Quality, Health, Safety and Environment. A single, seamlessly integrated platform powered by, it has five distinct parts:

  • Quality management
  • Risk management
  • Market surveillance and complaint service and management
  • Supplier quality and management to enable working with them as true partners
  • Environment, health and safety management where the safety and health of the employees, the safety of your service and sustainable delivery with minimal impact on the environment are ensured.

A true SaaS, multi-tenant cloud solution, CQ implementation approach is based on a Fast Track program which begins with training of the administrators and superusers at the customer’s end. A guided set up of features with supporting materials and documents ensures that the 5-day implementation plan can be executed with ease. A Fast Start SME is also assigned to you to guide you through the process. These trainers can propagate that knowledge to the rest of the organization. And all this is delivered at a one-time low fixed fee.

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