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Workplace Safety for Work.com


Workplace Safety for Work.com

What is ComplianceQuest's Workplace Safety for Work.com?

As enterprises begin their start of return to work safely, it is imperative that health and safety information are managed effectively and efficiently to protect workers, reduce safety costs and lower risk to operations. With CQ’s Workplace Safety for Work.com Solution organizations can now combine safety management methodology with robust technology that will provide a platform to collect, collate and trend health and safety data related to COVID-19 or any other risk to the health and wellbeing of staff, clients, contractors or the community.

Workplace Safety for Work.com Features

Facility Inspections

Facility Inspections

Define the schedule, checklists, and assess the type and level of safe activity for specific locations.

Injury And Illness Reporting

Injury And Illness Reporting

Ensure workers have access to report events, illness, or hazards.

PPE Management

PPE Management

Track and manage your PPE inventory.

Return To Work

Return to Work

Record and manage the information and approvals for employees to get back to work.

Safety Observations

Safety Observations

Allow workers to report the positive or negative observations.

Hazard Analysis

Hazard Analysis

Manage and record information to effectively understand and manage risk.

Stop Work Authority

Stop Work Authority

Record a Stop Work Order and manage the risk to return to operations.

Safety Notifications  – Chatter

Safety Notifications – Chatter

Improve Health and Safety communication and transparency.

Analytics And Dashboards

Analytics And Dashboards

Know what your risks are, know what you are doing about them; and prove it.

Workplace Safety – Safety, Risk Management, Compliance

  • People Safety: Manage current and emerging hazards for workers, contractors, suppliers, clients and the community as full operations resume.
  • Safety Risk Management: Collect and analyze information from operations to understand the hazards and manage the risk.
  • Management Tools: Ensure safety managers and HR have the information at their fingertips to manage the return of staff after illness or injury
  • Facility Compliance: Provide the tools and schedule for consistent inspections to ensure safety of people and quality of operations.
  • Analytics: Take the guesswork out of decision-making with real time data and metrics across the organization.

Application Screenshots

manage safety inspections, illnesses, injuries and workplace safety

command center-cockpit view

command center for work.com

workplace safety- homepage

workplace safety- inspection program

perform workplace safety inspections

complete inspection checklists on tablet or mobile

workplace safety score

illness and injury reporting for safety incidents

create corrective actions, investigations, return to work

prevent recurrence with corrective actions

build a culture of safety with safety observations

return to work safety after injuries and illnesses

record and track ppe usage by location

communicate safety and other critical alerts

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