The Future of Safety Management at Food Processing Companies is Digital & Data-Driven

Whitepaper | May, 2021

According to a report published by US Bureau of Labour Statistics, there were 49 fatal accidents in the food manufacturing sector in 2019. Overall, 4 in every 100 people end up with work-related injuries or illnesses in this industry. It is a no brainer for enterprises to “do whatever it takes” to bring this number down to zero. While it is true accidents do happen, the first step is to take a stand right from the top to put in place clearly documented safety rules and a safety management process to bring down these incidents to zero.

At ComplianceQuest, while our EHS product is designed and optimized for proactive prevention of safety incidents and risk mitigation, our underlying vision is to help companies build an enterprise-wide culture of safety and employee well-being.

In this whitepaper, we analyze why the future of health and safety management in the food processing industry is digital and data-driven. As companies look to reinvent their health and safety workflow post the pandemic, it is time to embrace automation and digital transformation.

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