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At ComplianceQuest, we have a ringside view of how technology is not only becoming an enabler of supply chain management but also disrupting trends and practices. Think IoT, industrial robotics, other embedded systems on the shop floor, data-driven inventory optimization, digital transformation, automation and more.

Moreover, while technology can and will affect several changes, the SCM leaders in the future are going to be working with an increasing number of global suppliers. This will require them to be agile and have a better understanding of their suppliers, their capabilities, performance measurements, and the resulting risks while also keeping an eye on the demand and their inventory.

Need for a Next Generation Supplier Management Solution

We believe that the following factors are critical for a next-generation supplier solution:

  • Single source of truth: Provide supply chain and quality leaders with a centralized repository of data from across the supply chain
  • System of Engagement vs. System of Record: The solution will enable easy collaboration and communication among stakeholders
  • Enables Continuous Improvement (CI) of key supplier quality metrics by offering an automated process for program and performance management
  • Using AI and predictive intelligence to make decision-making faster and offer insights

At ComplianceQuest, we have worked with world-class companies across sectors – especially in manufacturing and life sciences – where supply chain quality is as critical to innovation and growth as internal processes.

In this whitepaper, we share our expertise about the finer nuances of supply chain management from a quality perspective. We also believe that embracing the latest technology and digital transformation methodologies will make life easier for procurement, supply chain, and quality leaders.