The Power of Cloud for Deploying Quality 4.0 & Industry 4.0 Practices & Why it is So Important

Whitepaper | October, 2022

To truly take advantage of Industry 4.0 and smart manufacturing technologies, a cloud-based EQMS to automate Quality 4.0 processes has become a necessity.

In the Industry 4.0 methodology, there is a seamless integration of machines, people and assets into a digital ecosystem that acts as a single source of data and analytics. Industry 4.0 processes are finding its usage in almost all modern manufacturing setups in various sectors including medical device, automotive and aerospace.

A next-gen EQMS must be cloud-native, built on a scalable, secure and advanced cloud platform and should introduce harmonization, standardization, and automation across your connected quality processes.

With the markets and manufacturers becoming more global and competitive, not only are the pressures from the regulatory agencies increasing but the pressure of productivity and quality assurance are gaining importance. While today not only production is more globally oriented, but it is also the supplies that come from various international sources.

The data generated, if harnessed properly, can suggest improvements and course corrections, sometimes without the need for human intervention, using underlying next-generation technologies such as Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence (ML/AI) and perhaps Augmented Reality (AR)/Virtual Reality (VR) in certain cases.

Industry 4.0 also means that we now have access to truly big data, and it is up to manufacturers to harness the power of this data and convert it into insights. These insights can drive Continuous Improvement (CI) across the supply chain.

In this whitepaper, we talk about:

  • Industry 4.0 and its processes
  • Quality 4.0 strategy
  • Why cloud-based EQMS is the need of the hour
  • And more

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