2nd Annual Supplier Quality Maturity Benchmark Report – Key Findings and Supply Chain Effectiveness

Whitepaper | May, 2022

Global supply chain woes aren’t going to disappear any time soon. Factors such as renewed virus outbreaks and trade volatility will continue to stress the market well into 2022.

While it’s important to be agile, it’s equally important to understand how to manage risks properly and leverage experience and insights to make informed decisions that impact suppliers and the supply chain.

With the right data and automation to improve operational efficiencies, you can take time and resources you gain from these improvements and reallocate them to focus on how to make your supply chain more resilient.

This video whitepaper is an overview of our Supplier Quality Maturity Benchmark Report that looks at whether companies are changing by applying a standardized Supplier Quality Program through digital transformation in collaboration with its suppliers – in comparison to 2020.

In this video whitepaper, we talk about:

  • Global supply chain new normal
  • Supplier quality maturity model
  • Key findings of our Supplier Quality Maturity Benchmark report
  • And more

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