How to Turn Approved Supplier List into Usable Data

Whitepaper | January, 2023

The primary purpose of the Approved Supplier List (ASL) is to ensure the placement of purchase orders or contracts is limited to those suppliers that meet the company’s established criteria for supplier selection, evaluation, and re-evaluation.

Once the ASL is created, you should remove suppliers with unacceptable performance ratings and establish an approval process for adding and/or removing suppliers in future revisions.

In this video whitepaper, we will talk about the process involved in qualifying suppliers for your ASL and then how to turn that list into meaningful, structured, and usable data.

It will be presented by Tim Brown who is the VP of Product at ComplianceQuest. Tim has over 25 years of medical device, manufacturing industry and software development experience. He oversees the product development activities for product innovation and is responsible for customer experience as well.

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