Gearing Up to Restart Shop Floor Operations? Here’s a Checklist for Manufacturing Leaders

Whitepaper | September, 2020

With COVID-19, the world has seen a global lockdown of extraordinary magnitude. Both digital and physical infrastructure were intact, but a deadly virus crippled the movement of people. For manufacturing companies, this meant shop floor shutdowns worldwide.

As manufacturing companies gear up to restart shop floor operations, it is imperative that plant heads are equipped with the right digital tools to automate key processes.

Data is now at the front and center of modern factory operations. Not just any data, but data with the right benchmarks and goals. The most valuable factors in any shop floor are time and quality. But all this means nothing if safety is sacrificed.

Ensure A Safe Restart of Your Shop Floor Operations!

As companies resume shop floor operations, the time is now right to drive a holistic approach to four key processes:

  • Workplace Safety and Employee Health
  • End-to-End Quality and Safety Management
  • Supply Chain Readiness
  • A data-driven approach to manufacturing operations where ERP, CRM, EQMS, and EHS are seamlessly integrated.

In each of these aspects, Continuous Improvement (CI) is critical. Data sets backed with visualization, benchmarks, and insights will enable real improvement.

In this whitepaper, we offer a checklist for plant heads to restart shop floor operations with safety and quality at its core.

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