From On-prem to Cloud: It’s Time to Migrate your QMS Now!

Whitepaper | February, 2022

For SPR Therapeutics, migrating from an on-premise system to the cloud was critical to improve both quality and compliance. It also ensured that their quality team and other stakeholders saved valuable time and became more productive because data was available anytime, anywhere.

The company was using a combination of manual processes and legacy software to manage the quality management workflow. According to the company’s Director of Regulatory Affairs and Quality Systems, this proved to be a major bottleneck. It was adding complexities and inefficiencies into not only the quality management workflow but the overall product lifecycle.

The quality leader soon realized that the only way to do this right would be to migrate to a next-generation, cloud-based EQMS. This is their story. How far is your organization in adopting next-gen quality processes?

In this whitepaper, we help you answer the following questions:

  • WHY move from on-premise to cloud?
  • HOW to make sure the migration process is done right?
  • WHEN does one make the shift?

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