A Fool-proof Plan for Building an Effective CAPA Process

Whitepaper | March, 2023

The CAPA plan must be fool-proof to ensure compliance while correcting a problem and prevent its future recurrence.

For the effective implementation of CAPAs, quality leaders need access to data. This will help them identify the nature and type of variation, understand the actions needed to contain the impact, perform root cause analysis, implement CAPA, measure its progress, and conduct management reviews. The data will also act as input for identifying skill gaps and the kind of training needed. In a manual or legacy-based system, enterprise-wide data may not be easily accessible due to siloed systems. As a result, access to data is limited, leading to ineffective CAPA implementation and a possible violation of regulatory standards.

A modern, cloud-based solution will help by integrating the different data sources your company relies on and provides a unified view of data to reduce the risk of having an ineffective CAPA process. ComplianceQuest offers a next-generation enterprise-wide Quality Management System that helps businesses integrate root cause analysis and CAPA with other functional areas and quality-related processes such as inspection, audit, risk assessment, management review, training, and documentation.

This empowers the CAPA team with access to data needed to identify risks, understand the impact, determine the problems that need CAPA, perform a root cause analysis, implement the necessary corrective actions, and communicate with the relevant stakeholders for resolution, review, and continuous improvement. It also automates the documentation workflow and enables the delivery of relevant training from within the system. This also creates an audit trail and improves compliance.

In this whitepaper, we will talk about:

  • What does FDA expect from your CAPA
  • Pointers for creating a compliant and robust CAPA plan
  • Automating CAPA planning, implementation and review
  • And more

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