Whitepaper | May, 2019

Companies, as part of their digital transformation, embrace Enterprise Quality Management Systems to help migrate from paper based, be-spoke/non-integrated systems to a unified platform providing capabilities to automate key QMS processes across the organization. As such, the question that often asked is, which solution(s) should I start with? The typical consultant response would be, “Start with where you believe the maximum pain for the organization is and evolve from there”. This approach makes perfect sense if the focus was to solve a specific problem that the organization faces. However, to effectively implement a new Quality Management system, it is important for an organization to identify and build the right foundation first and then build the rest of the QMS on it. This approach will not only solve the problems that the company faces in the right model but also provide an approach to roll-out a strategy that is sustaining, well adopted and is longer lasting.

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