Impact of Artificial Intelligence in Today’s World and the Future of Next-generation Quality Systems

Whitepaper | May, 2021

How can Artificial Intelligence benefit quality professionals and the organizations we serve? In this whitepaper, we delve into what Artificial Intelligence typically is and the many opportunities in quality control and quality assurance which may be a fit for AI technologies.

Afterall, AI is here to stay. As we continue to observe its metamorphosis, quality professionals can get excited about what the future holds. Could we eventually get to a point where six sigma level quality is the new norm across product lines and industries?

With this new tool, resources could be freed to focus more on proactive activities and continuous improvement rather than getting bogged down with administrative activities, systemic nonconformances, and ineffective CAPAs.

In this whitepaper, we will unpack what Artificial Intelligence is, why it’s important to quality professionals, and how AI can benefit the organizations of today and tomorrow. Get your copy now.

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