A Modern, Platform-based Real Cloud EQMS Why is This Important?

Whitepaper | May, 2020

A QMS ensures consistent quality of products and processes, mid-course corrections, root cause analysis in case of any problems and deviations, audit management, supplier customer relationship management, complaints handling as well as continuous improvement.

The QMS enables this by centralizing the quality management system, thereby providing an organization-wide view of data, information and processes. It is also increasingly required to facilitate scalability, accessibility, flexibility and mobility for better document control and managing non-conformance issues.

How can all these benefits be achieved with a QMS?

With a cloud-based platform that integrates seamlessly with the organization’s ERP and CRM system.
You need a platform that is scalable, flexible and secure. There needs to be mobile apps to track and report key quality events on the go. Most importantly, quality analytics and the ability to draw insights – to spot both opportunities and risk – from quality data is key.

A modern Electronic Quality Management System that is completely cloud based is what you need.

This whitepaper takes you through the importance and key features of such a modern EQMS system.

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