8 Next-gen MedTech Techniques Applied During Design and Development

Whitepaper | January, 2022

Since the invention of eyeglasses and the stethoscope, medical technology has come a long way. The rise of a more affluent middle class, as well as an ageing global population, are all pushing change in the healthcare business, and the technology that supports it is developing faster than ever before.

In the MedTech industry, a next-generation innovation—one that capitalizes on digital and omnichannel interactions—can lead to a twofold or threefold increase in the productivity of overall business capability.

A few examples of such innovations are the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT), AI-assisted robotic surgery and deep learning (a subset of artificial intelligence) for diagnostics in medical imaging and clinical decision support.

Key takeaways from this video whitepaper:

  • How 8 next-gen technologies are providing advantages to manufacturers
  • Common innovation trends and their effect on the future of healthcare
  • And more

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