6 Essential Safety Dashboards to Track Performance and Get Real-time Insights

Whitepaper | June, 2023

According to a study by the Aberdeen Group, organizations with real-time visibility into EHS data experienced a 42% reduction in safety incidents compared to those without such visibility.

Safety data and analytics have now become central to discussions among safety leaders. The ability to access incident data, identify critical safety risks, analyze safety observations and near-misses, interpret ­findings from audits and inspections, evaluate the effectiveness of safety training, and maintain real-time safety documentation is believed to be the key to achieving better safety performance.

Processing and analyzing a massive amount of data can be challenging. The crucial aspect lies in transitioning from data to insights and subsequently taking prompt actions. Analytics experts often refer to this as the Time-to-Insights (TTI), which is a vital factor to consider when selecting a modern EHS solution.

In this eBook, we highlight the value of key EHS dashboards and how they assist health and safety professionals in tracking performance and making informed decisions. These dashboards have aided our customers in swiftly obtaining actionable intelligence, resulting in more efficient decision-making and improved safety performance. Furthermore, we have observed that these dashboards are highly popular within our customer community.

Get ready to unlock the power of data driven EHS management and propel your organization toward a safer, more compliant future. Let us delve into the world of cutting-edge EHS dashboards and embark on a transformative journey.

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