2nd Annual Supplier Quality Maturity Benchmark Report

Whitepaper | February, 2022

It’s that time of year when we release our annual supplier quality maturity benchmark report. Sign up to get your copy.

To learn how manufacturers are improving their supplier quality, ComplianceQuest conducted a study in 2020 to assess the maturity of supplier quality programs and digital transformation. We discussed how the expansion of globalization over the last decade has resulted in increased supplier risk. Moreover, the COVID-19 Global Pandemic was having an impact on manufacturers struggling with their supply chain and suppliers/contractors and building new sustainability plans.

In 2021, we conducted the survey again with the goal of understanding how companies are doing today with their suppliers compared to last year. What benefits have they seen and what is still lagging?

We looked at supplier quality programs and digitalization across the lifecycle of a supplier including overall strategy, selecting, evaluating and qualifying, and onboarding suppliers, engaging suppliers on issues through cross-collaboration, monitoring and assessing supplier performance and risk with key metrics. We have also identified key trends, impacts and obstacles in each of these areas that drive the next steps in transformation.

The goal of these annual reports is to help companies get to higher stages of maturity to gain the benefits of supplier quality, reduced risk and reduction in the overall cost of quality.

PS: Want to learn how your company fares against others in the industry? Request your own “personalized” Supplier Quality Maturity Benchmark Report. The personalized report is FREE. Email marketing@compliancequest to begin the process and we’ll schedule your personalized report presentation.

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