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With the current crisis starting to end, what are you doing to engage employees to relieve their anxiety and stress about coming back to work?

What to Expect:

Is your safety culture supporting the collaborative processes, employee training needs, and technologies to drive towards safety culture and operation excellence? Are you aware of where your organization aligns with the safety culture maturity roadmap and how it is integrated with the broader corporate transformation objectives?

Learn from independent research firm Verdantix and through industry success:

  • What does it mean to be a leader in having a safety culture in the market?
  • Where does your organization align with the roadmap and how can you improve?
  • When can you achieve time to value by improving safety culture and improving employee perceptions?
  • Which technologies and KPIs are being deployed to increase employee engagement in safety collaboration and drive safety culture?
  • How does EHS integration with ERP, SCM, HR, and CRM drive operational excellence and revenue growth?

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