October 29th, 2020 | 38:04

Take Advantage of the New Normal by Implementing Virtual/Remote Audits

Manufacturers & certification/notified bodies are reverting to normal business operations and each stakeholder must ensure compliance with quality expectations and regulatory guidelines in a worldwide supply chain. Positive influence from the recent pandemic is that virtual/remote audits are more widely accepted to assure GxP requirements are continuously being met.

Globally prevalent interactive web-based communication tools have made conducting virtual/remote audits one of the best methods to audit global networks most effectively. And with the flexibility and time savings, an increasing number of audits can occur that typically couldn’t be done with on-site visits. Taking advantage of this new approach and latest practices helps companies be successful and stay competitive while still conforming to regulatory requirements.

Key Takeaways:

  • Best practices for virtual/remote audit management
  • Importance and role of eQMS in virtual/remote audits
  • Preparing to be audit ready and handling effective virtual/remote audits
  • Overview of risk, opportunities and benefits during virtual/remote audits

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