May 25th, 2022 | 02:34:12

Supply Chain Quality Management

Overcome supply chain challenges faced by manufacturers.

Outsourcing goods and services can be efficient and economical, but the sometimes long and complex supply chains in medical device manufacturing pose challenges in maintaining appropriate quality and control. Manufacturers retain full regulatory responsibility, product liability, and brand name vulnerability and must carefully qualify and oversee suppliers. The FDA has always been aware of risks that arise from poor supply chain management, and the EU Medical Device Regulation imposes strict new requirements on economic operators. What good practices will help manufacturers ensure that they have selected the right suppliers and established relationships that will guarantee the quality of their products and compliance with all regulatory and company requirements?

Join this special 3-part series dedicated to supply chain hosted by MedTech Intelligence. ComplianceQuest is kicking off the series by sponsoring the first episode. Join us for these mini sessions to learn more followed up by a panel discussion session at the end to address all your burning questions. Renowned speakers on topics such as supply chain, regulatory requirements specific to the EU and quality management include Bob Mehta, Sundeep Agarwal, Nikki Willett and more.

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