December 14th, 2021 | 47:00

Future Proofing Growth and Customer Satisfaction at Burlington Medical

When the Covid-19 crisis hit, many medical device manufacturers were unprepared for the impacts and the dramatic increase in demand for medical products from both healthcare workers and consumers. Companies struggled to manage their inventory, data, development, production and distribution across multiple locations and the poor visibility into overall quality was leaving room for errors and costly scrap/waste.

Join webinar sponsors, Rootstock and ComplianceQuest, for this interactive discussion with Burlington Medical’s Lee Ann Fachko, VP of Global Operations, and Nathan Winnagle, Plant Manager, on how they overcame their struggles through a digital transformation and achieved real-time insights across operations for faster, more efficient resolution of customer demand all while building a foundation on which to run their entire manufacturing operation.

Hear how Burlington Medical’s addressed these unprecedented business challenges and for strategies and tips that you can use to move quickly into future proofing your own operations.

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