February 23rd, 2021 | 31:22

Honing your Supplier Quality Digital Edge – Benchmark Study

As much as 65% of the value of a company’s products or services is derived from its suppliers – and its supply chain. Supplier quality is a critical element of a supply chain. Today, the move to digital technologies is no longer an aspiration but has become an imperative for survival.

To learn how manufacturers are improving their supplier quality, ComplianceQuest conducted a study to assess the maturity of supplier quality programs and digital transformation today. Our goal was to understand how companies are managing their suppliers and what they are doing to better reap its rewards across the lifecycle of a supplier.

Join us to Understand:

  • Key areas that companies are clearly struggling with on supplier quality
  • Current state of companies advancements in selection, rationalization, evaluation and qualification of a supplier
  • How the global pandemic is spearheading change in on-boarding new suppliers
  • Burden of managing and executing day-to-day supplier quality and supply chain operations
  • Need for real-time supplier engagement and performance monitoring
  • Level of investment in digital transformation technology for suppliers

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