Webinar: Five Why approach to determine Root Cause
Webinar | November 3rd, 2021

Getting to the Root of the Problem (Using 5 Why)

Understanding root cause analysis and correcting and preventing problems from recurring is the core to what we do. Whether those problems originate from product, process, safety, clinical or environmental issues, understanding the root cause is required to understand how exactly we can fix it. Once you’ve determined a root cause, how do you know it’s the true root cause?

How do you know the actions you implemented were indeed effective as well?

There are many tools available to help determine root causes of the issues you face. Five Why is a simple yet powerful method of determining root cause. In this webinar we’ll talk about 5 Why, (why, why, why, why, why) how to use it and how to best approach getting to the bottom of what went wrong.

Join us and we will discuss:

  • Problem Identification
  • Understanding the Nature of the Problem
  • What is 5 Why?
  • White Boarding, Root Cause Determination and Action Planning
  • Effectiveness Reviews

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