November 15th, 2019 | 58:34

Audit Readiness: Tools, Tactics and Best Practices for Companies in 2020

Audits are a crucial part of every business. By undergoing audits, a company can ensure the effectiveness of its processes and can safeguard itself from a myriad of internal and external risk factors, particularly potential noncompliance to standards and regulations. However, as the business landscape continues to grow and become increasingly complicated, being constantly prepared to prove compliance with standards has also become more challenging and potentially costly.

It is, therefore, imperative that companies adopt practices, tactics and tools for maintaining an efficient quality system to stay in a continual state of audit readiness.

Listen to ComplianceQuest’s Mr. Lou Sanatore and Mr. Paul Sanderson as they provide the audience with insight into ways of implementing and maintaining a principle-based quality system that keeps them compliant while simultaneously increasing efficiency and effectiveness of the overall business. As experts, they will also offer insight into the best tools, tactics, and practices to help them be consistently prepared for Audits and Inspections with minimal interruption to the business.

This Webcast will discuss the following:

  • Compliance vs. Quality Mindset
  • Common Challenges
  • The Essentials of Maintaining Compliant Processes and Documentation
  • Tools to help and why they’re needed
  • Best Tactics and Practices

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