Medical Device Advertising and Promotion
Webinar | September 30th, 2021

Medical Device Advertising and Promotion in the Internet World

New avenues for internet marketing raise unique questions not explicitly covered by existing FDA regulations and policies. While the specific regulations and guidance remain the same, companies need to determine how to move forward in the gray areas. These new channels of communication allow opportunities for interpretation; however, the FDA’s expectation is that devices be promoted in a manner consistent with cleared/approved labeling and that the claims made remain truthful and not misleading.

The webinar will summarize regulations, guidelines and trends affecting the advertising and promotion of medical devices. It will help you understand intended use and labeling principles as applied to the advertising and promotion of medical devices. The webinar will also discuss current expectations and FDA’s rules as applied to online marketing, websites and social media platforms.

You’ll Learn:

  • Current advertising and promotional trends
  • Key regulations and guidelines
  • Key labeling principles
  • Risk-based framework for labeling
  • How to respond to “misinformation”
  • Good Promotional Practices

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