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Training Management System

What is ComplianceQuest’s Training Management System?

Training employees in a timely fashion is a key part of quality and compliance management for any organization. Having a training management system that can help establish a stable, reliable and repeatable training management process is instrumental in realizing the vision of developing and maintaining the required skilled resources. Furthermore, industry and federal regulations such as ISO, FDA, OSHA, etc. also mandate the need for a training management framework.


CQ Training Management System enables users to define a personal record for each employee. Besides general information such as the name, title, reporting manager, etc. the personnel record will automatically compile the training history for documents and courses and also maintain the needs training list to ensure that each employee knows what they have to be trained on and by when.

CQ Training Management System provides for the ability to define as many job functions that a company needs to manage. Each job function can have the relevant training matrix identified. An employee may be assigned to more than one job function if required.

CQ Training Management System allows companies to create documents (SOPs, policies, procedures, work instructions, etc.) or courses (safety training, new employee orientation, etc.) through integration with CQ Document Management Solution.

CQ Training Management System allows employees to use different approaches to learn a specific content. An employee can read a document or course content online (self-training) and sign-off on their own training record. If necessary, the training knowledge can be verified by requiring a manager or a trainer to sign-off confirming the trainee knowledge. In addition, an assessment can be identified requiring employees to take the pre-defined quizzes thus ensuring verification of comprehension.

CQ Training Management System enables training administrators to create and manage training programs for courses and related documents associated with active job functions/roles. Admins can identify steps of sequential or parallel training required per function/role. Completion of all training steps allows an employee to achieve the required Training Certificate for their specific function/role.

Easily upload SCORM (Shareable Content Object Reference Model) content to provide video/interactive training content for employee training and corresponding assessments. Employees can launch the built-in SCORM player for taking the training and related assessments. Once the training and any associated assessment is complete, the results are quickly captured and recorded in the employee training record.

CQ Training Management System enables training administrators or the content owners to develop assessments that can be associated with job functions. This not only ensures that the employees get trained, but also verifies their comprehension. The Comprehensive Assessment Builder feature allows training coordinators to define the passing percentages and the ability to retake exams, thus increasing the compliance and the skill of employees.

CQ Training Management allows refresher training to be identified for each document or a course. Refresher training will be administered by the system automatically to ensure that the certification requirements are current. Furthermore, the refresher requirement and frequency can be controlled by job functions for each of the document/course record.

CQ Training Management System helps transfer knowledge from one or more documents or courses in a formal class room setting. The training session supports all aspects of learning including sign-ups, inviting employees to be part of a class, class room management, calendaring, sign-offs and assessments.
CQ Training Management System features a common portal for all QMS information including needs-training-list to be published for each employee. Each employee can access their pending training and take actions by the designated due date. Training Managers can get an overview of all the pending and completed training, and access relevant metrics from the portal. Trainees & Managers can also bulk sign-off their open training. If training is extended to your supply chain partners, the partner portal will provide access to the relevant content and the pending-training-information for the authorized representative(s) for each partner.
Reach out to others across the enterprise and in the supply chain to solicit feedback without having to give up on the ownership of the tasks.
Access your EQMS solution on the go- anywhere, anytime and on any device. Complete access to the solution including reports, approvals, record views, reviews, alerts etc. ensures business continuity and improves efficiency, visibility and flexibility.
Utilize pre-developed best practices based reports. Create any number of additional reports and dashboards to suit your requirement. Information is easily retrievable, helping you make quick decisions.
Like and follow relevant records in the system. Choose to be notified via email, dashboard, and mobile to stay abreast of developments.

Propel Organizational Effectiveness

The ComplianceQuest Training Management solution System tackles this challenge by helping businesses manage all personnel, job functions, requirements by job functions, courses and documents to be trained on. It also tracks training sign-ups, class room or online training sessions and assessments. In other words, this solution strengthens organizations from within by streamlining the training process and ensuring knowledge retention.
Training Management System

Training Management Overview

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