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Why Supplier Management Solutions are required

One of the most critical aspects of any company is product/process quality, safety and compliance to internal and external regulations. More and more organizations are beginning to outsource portions of, or all of their manufacturing operations, making the interaction with manufacturers and suppliers very critical. This kind of interaction also happens to be the one that is not getting enough attention, especially when it comes to managing the compliance, quality and safety requirements. This is where the supplier management solutions comes into the picture.


CQ Supplier Management Solutions have an on-boarding functionality that is a highly configurable workflow and allows companies to on-board suppliers cheaper and faster. It also enables them to make suppliers more accountable through intuitive supplier portals.

CQ’s Supplier Management solutions SCAR process alerts suppliers about any downward trends. This feature enables suppliers to take necessary corrective and preventive actions, thereby permanently addressing challenging issues.

CQ Supplier Management Solution's audit workflow engine provides best practice functionality to conduct all types of audits. It also offers useful features such as record findings, links with CQ-Supplier’s SCAR process to correct the findings, issue reports and analyzing the trend of the suppliers audit management performance.

CQ Supplier Management Solutions’s content/document exchange process allows users to securely distribute, track and control access to latest versions of content such as product drawings, manuals, brochures, certificate of analysis, certificate of compliance, sales collateral, etc. from a browser or within a tablet device. Suppliers are given access to the relevant content from a central and real-time repository of information.

CQ Supplier Management Solutions allow for suppliers to submit their inspection data prior to the shipment for acceptance by company. This ensures that you receive materials that are verified and confirmed by you. It also reduces the cost of quality by eliminating or significantly reducing receiving inspections or nonconforming materials.

CQ Supplier Management Solutions provide for a robust supplier rating capabilities that allows company to measure the performance of the supplier, and compare them using various parameters such as risk levels, product family, class of suppliers, region where material is supplied, etc. Using quantitative and qualitative attributes, the supplier rating generates a unique score that drives workflows, actions and behaviors towards continuous improvement driving reduction of cost of quality and increase in the supplier performance.

CQ PPAP process helps reduce the risk of nonconforming products and delays by managing new parts/material and change requests more efficiently by involving the suppliers in the PPAP process. Using PPAP functionality, a request for a PPAP, the required documentation to support the PPAP, the workflow for the submission, review, collaboration, and approvals can be automated. The supplier will be able to see the status of all the requested PPAPs through the Supplier Portal.
CQ Supplier Deviation (SDR) provides a complete closed-loop process for managing temporary supplier deviations for specific part/material, helping reduce data errors that potentially could lead to a recall. Suppliers can electronically submit their deviation request details, the reason for the change and any corrective actions performed. Users can then easily review the request, go through the approval process and propose final disposition (changes needed, preventive actions, permission to proceed, etc.). Alerts such as acknowledgments and approvals/rejections are automatically sent to the supplier.
Approved Supplier List (ASL) Purchasing is responsible for maintaining and updating the ASL, which includes ensuring the current status of suppliers of products and services are identified. CQ Supplier Management allows for such ASL to be generated and maintained.
Reach out to others across the enterprise and in the supply chain to solicit feedback without having to give up on the ownership of the tasks.
Access your EQMS solution on the go- anywhere, anytime and on any device. Complete access to the solution including reports, approvals, record views, reviews, alerts etc. ensures business continuity and improves efficiency, visibility and flexibility.
Utilize pre-developed best practices based reports. Create any number of additional reports and dashboards to suit your requirement. Information is easily retrievable, helping you make quick decisions.
Like and follow relevant records in the system. Choose to be notified via email, dashboard, and mobile to stay abreast of developments.


Managing Quality Beyond the Organization

The CQ Supplier Management solutions are interactive on-demand workflow-driven, pre-built solution based on industry best practices and proven business solutions. It is designed to manage risk, eliminate variance and ensure regulatory compliance. CQ Supplier Management not only ensures that the companies comply with various internal and external regulatory requirements, but streamlines processes as well, ensuring that the product and the relevant services supplied are of the highest quality. In addition, it’s built in processes enhance collaboration and communication with the Suppliers to keep a pulse check on the entire Supplier base.

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