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Inspection Management

What is ComplianceQuest’s Inspection Management?

CQ’s Inspection Management solution streamlines inspection related processes within your organization such as receiving, in-process, shipment and product returns. It enables you to track, conduct and complete inspection activities in a timely manner, while meeting the highest standards of quality.


CQ Inspection Management allows for quality/engineering to define inspection characteristics that should be measured for a raw material that is being received or a product that is being made internally or shipped. This functionality allows for both attributes and variables to be defined and captured, including the identification of required samples and the measurement ranges allowed. Inspection criteria functionality is version controlled and thus ensures that the right inspection criteria is used.

With the built-in capability to receive information from ERP, MES or any inventory control system, the integration engine allows for such records to be received automatically, whether a product is purchased and received or product is made internally. This information is then processed and an inspection requirement alert is generated and the relevant inspection record is created for inspector to perform and complete the required inspection documentation. Completed inspection results can be transmitted back to the ERP/MES systems to allow for the material to be moved to the relevant inventory locations or move the work order to the next step in the process.

Built-in inspection queues allow for all new inspection requirements to be waiting for the inspector to select, and perform inspection based on the inspection criteria presented. Inspector can document the inspection results, attach any additional evidences and route the inspection data for reviews and approvals.

Any failed inspections will automatically generate the creation of the required nonconformance, will alert the relevant MRB personnel and will await disposition as necessary. With integration to ERP/MES system, any failed inspection can also alert one to mark and quarantine the failed material.

Reach out to others across the enterprise and in the supply chain to solicit feedback without having to give up on the ownership of the tasks.
Access your EQMS solution on the go- anywhere, anytime and on any device. Complete access to the solution including reports, approvals, record views, reviews, alerts etc. ensures business continuity and improves efficiency, visibility and flexibility.

Inspection Management Overview

Inspection Management Screenshots

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