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LearnAboutGMP is an on-demand training service designed specifically for life science organizations. Keep your workforce trained without creating, maintaining or (constantly) updating the courses yourself, we’ll do that for you!

Honestly now, is this the best way to train your workforce…?

PowerPoint presentations are dull, organizing classroom-based training is too cumbersome and the regulatory websites are too confusing!

What if there was a simpler way to train your workforce (continuously)?

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Regulations and standards too hard to understand…

  • Too complicated
  • Full of legal jargon
  • Written by lawyers
  • Very daunting

Same old boring PowerPoint

  • Gets outdated fast
  • Only covers the minimum
  • They’ve seen it before
  • Dull and boring

Classroom training not enough for today’s employee

  • Not personalized & relevant
  • Not consistent to build skills
  • Limited to one type of training
  • Not on-demand for modern workforce

Classroom training takes too

  • Hard to free up trainer’s time
  • Time consuming for everyone
  • Hard to fit everyone’s schedule
  • Hard to get physical space

Don’t want to risk an FDA warning letter?

These are consequences other companies have had to face, do you want to be one of them?


Real warning letters from the FDA website