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Life Sciences Quality Management System

Quality is at the heart of every life sciences industry. To maintain the highest quality levels, companies must avoid supply chain disruptions, minimize operational hazards, eliminate quality failures, and prevent technology breakdowns.

life sciences quality management system
life sciences quality management system

The Essentials of Life Sciences Quality Management System

In the life sciences industry, a quality management system is crucial for regulatory compliance, continuous product improvement, and managing all documentation and workflows. ComplianceQuest’s next-generation life science quality management software is designed with exceptional features and functionalities. It can provide you with a closed-loop EQMS system that enables you to be compliant with internal and external regulations along with,

  • Better Safeguards: ComplianceQuest’s life science quality management software helps you to maintain security for their crucial records and information.
  • Scalability and Flexibility: ComplianceQuest’s life science QMS solution ensures scalability and flexibility to meet the growing demands of regulated industries.
  • Automated Workflows and Centralized Database: ComplianceQuest’s life science QMS solution simplifies the standardization of processes with the help of configurable workflows. You can also store and manage business information with a centralized database to minimize data redundancy while maximizing data integrity & security.
  • Corrective and Preventive Action Management (CAPA): ComplianceQuest’s life science quality management software enables collaboration and teamwork for investigation and root cause analysis.
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Advantages of a Life Science QMS

ComplianceQuest’s life science QMS solution consolidates all the incident data and safety observations to facilitate investigation and implement corrective actions. You can identify a hazardous trend to avoid accidents with built-in analytics and dashboards.

Choosing the right life sciences quality management system is essential to maintain your organization’s sustainability with the following advantages:

  • Operational Consistency:

    One of the primary advantages of life sciences quality management systems is operational consistency. This can help companies to define and describe the best practices for all business responsibilities, from quality control to management review. Thus, you can mitigate the nonconformance risks, save time, and increase organizational effectiveness.

  • Enhanced Customer Satisfaction:

    You can increase customer confidence to deliver products and services by understanding your customers’ needs and mitigate errors.

  • Greater Operating Efficiency:

    You can minimize operational costs by following industry best practices and focusing on quality.

  • Improved Decision-Making:

    With ComplianceQuest’s life science QMS solution built with data and AI capabilities, you can spot the areas of improvement reducing process times and improving productivity for faster and smarter decision-making.

  • Improved Employee Engagement:

    Make sure that everyone works towards one agenda by improving internal communication and involving employees in designing a process that results in greater productivity.

Modern EQMS platform

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Importance of QMS for Life Sciences

Life science QMS impacts in many ways including:

  • Maximizes efficiency and accuracy

  • Establishes consistent, standardized processes across multiple locations

  • Shares safety information between supervisors, employees, and management

  • Releases your team for high-value tasks

  • Helps find out and plan for hazards in advance

  • Tracks spill responses and real-time information from anywhere

  • Manages and stores safety data sheets

  • Organizes incident investigations

  • Organizes emissions tracking

  • Manages EQMS training


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The objective of Life Sciences Quality Management System

The major objective of life science QMS solution is to deliver quality products in a timely manner while complying with all the applicable regulatory standards. QMS helps to improve a company’s operational efficiency and maintains compliance to achieve quality policies and objectives. ComplianceQuest’s life science QMS is designed with exceptional features and functionalities that can help the life sciences industry in many ways, because of:

Improved Safeguards:

ComplianceQuest’s life science QMS solution helps an organization to maintain critical records and information, which reflects the reliability of the solution.

Scalability and Accountability:

ComplianceQuest’s life science QMS solution ensures accountability and scalability to meet the growing demands of regulated industries.

Corrective and Preventive Action Management (CAPA):

ComplianceQuest’s CAPA solution automates the complete CAPA process from problem identification to appropriate solution. It can integrate with other quality processes critical to regulatory compliance. It provides a unified platform to review the results of investigation & root cause analysis effectively.

Automated Workflows and Centralized Database:

ComplianceQuest’s life science QMS solution simplifies the standardization of processes with the help of configurable workflows. You can also store and manage business information with a centralized database to minimize data redundancy while maximizing data integrity & security.

Cloud-Based Platform with Increased Agility, Efficiency and Speed

Everything is automated and fast; we can generate reports for information, strategic, and planning purposes, which makes a huge impact on our productivity and efficiency. The support and communication at ComplianceQuest have been top-notch, even on days when there was a lot of pressure. All of this and more was achieved when we picked ComplianceQuest as our EQMS. I’ve rarely seen anyone hit a target like that as quickly as we did, especially with the number of documents to migrate (3,000) and customization’s to Corrective Action and Preventive Action application.

Kippy Hillhouse,
Quality Engineer, YKK

ykk testimonial
ykk testimonial

How Does CQ Works for Life Science QMS?

ComplianceQuest’s EQMS takes a modular approach to cover all aspects of the QMS for life sciences to accelerate quality by following a well-defined process.

qms for life sciences

Audit Management:

In life sciences industry, audits need to be planned and scheduled regularly for continuous improvement. ComplianceQuest’s Audit Management Software can help you to create your audit checklist using the predefined templates according to your requirements. It allows you to schedule the audits and follow up on them to analyse the audit findings efficiently.

life science qms and capa

CAPA (Corrective and Preventive Action):

ComplianceQuest’s configurable CAPA Management software solution for the life sciences industry allows you to identify the root cause of issues and resolve quality issues from anywhere, anytime. The CAPA solution facilitates reviews and approvals, implementation of the action plan, and proactively prevents future issues.

qms for life sciences and change management

Change Management:

ComplianceQuest’s Change Management software for life sciences industry enables an organization to align its workforce with the entire change lifecycle and monitor all change actions and related impact to understand how changes are progressing.

life sciences quality management system

Complaint Management:

ComplianceQuest’s Complaints Management Solution is a repository of all complaints data and enables identifying patterns for analysis and continuous improvement. The complaints management system enables the organization to have a satisfied customer base by responding and listening to their complaints in a timely and meaningful manner.

qms for life sciences and document management

Document Management:

ComplianceQuest’s Document Management System for life sciences industry is the one-stop solution for all your document management requirements from creation to release. Its version control feature enables healthcare teams to use the current version of the document to minimize errors and improve version control.

life science qms and equipment management

Equipment Management:

ComplianceQuest’s Equipment Management Solution decreases the operational expense by complying with the regulatory requirements efficiently to ensure compliance, quality, and excellence. Scheduled preventive maintenance and periodic calibrations also improve the productivity of the machines and decrease unscheduled downtimes.

life sciences quality and inspection management system

Inspection Management:

ComplianceQuest’s Inspection Management system streamlines the inspection processes with the help of inspection teams to manage, monitor, and measure all the important parameters to ensure compliance, excellence, and customer satisfaction.

qms for life sciences and nc

Nonconformance Management:

ComplianceQuest’s Nonconformance Management Software for life sciences industry helps to identify critical problems and assess the product quality against specifications

life science qms and risk management

Risk Management:

ComplianceQuest gives you the agility to handle quality challenges before they become trouble for you and your customers. Risk Management solutions can maintain all hazards & risks in a consolidated document, calculate and rank risks to evaluate and resolve them based on priority.

qms for life sciences

Supplier Management:

With the help of ComplianceQuest’s Supplier Quality Management Solution, you can monitor your suppliers’ performance regularly by communicating with your suppliers more effectively. This solution can help you to save your cost with greater transparency into your supply chain to prevent future issues.

life science qms and training management

Training Management:

In life sciences industry, consistency of best practices is required to ensure the best quality care to patients. ComplianceQuest’s training management software can provide your employees with effective training, monitor, and track your employees’ training success, evaluate, and generate certification for successful training.

Why Choose CQ for Life sciences Quality Management System

By choosing ComplianceQuest’s life science QMS solution, you can:

  • minimize the unit cost
  • take corrective measures
  • achieve better utilization of raw materials, human resource, and money to keep the product quality high
  • satisfy customers by reducing client complaints
  • identify process defects to reduce scrap and waste
CQ for Life sciences quality management system

Manage your entire QMS processes with ComplianceQuest’s quality management software for flexible, scalable and configurable workflow

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Built on Salesforce.com platform, the leading enterprise cloud platform, ComplianceQuest’s life science QMS solution serves the following business areas:

    • Quality: CQ’s EQMS software helps you to achieve quality objectives and improves customer satisfaction by managing processes, procedures, and responsibilities.

    • Supplier Management: CQ’s EQMS software helps to identify issues, manage approvals, and change in real-time. It also ensures supplier performance and quality standards through consistent audits and reviews.

    • Customer Management: By providing an automated system from ingestion to resolution of customer complaints handling lifecycle, the EQMS ensures improved customer satisfaction.

    • Regulatory Compliance: This critical need is facilitated by the life sciences quality management system from ComplianceQuest, which aligns with all leading regulatory standards and also helps businesses meet the constantly changing needs of regulatory bodies to make their product safe.

  • ComplianceQuest’s flexible, scalable, and configurable life science QMS Solution aligns with all life sciences industry-related regulations to improve compliance and increase operational efficiency.

    • Safety Observations: Safety observations are essential where employees can report positive or negative observations that provide the data to assign investigations, spot trends and take action depending on the risk.

    • Toolbox Talks: Generate and record the information for your Toolbox Talks, share the information and get attendees’ electronic signatures from their mobile.

    • Stop Work Authority: Record a Stop Work Order and mitigate the risk to return to operations.

    • Collaboration and Safety Notifications: Enhance health and safety transparency and communication.

    • Dashboards and Analytics: Quality metrics of your workplace improve your decision-making process across the company for continual improvement.

    • Cloud-Based Platform: CQ’s cloud-driven EQMS solution ensures complete flexible and safe data access in life sciences industry.


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