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Gen-X Holistic EQMS for Quality-centric Enterprises

  • Ensure effective complaint handling.
  • Automate regulatory requirements.
  • Manage end-to-end complaints

AI-Powered Salesforce based EQMS

    Cost of IT Infra management


    Cost of IT Infra management

    Customer Satisfaction


    Customer Satisfaction

    Customer Complaint


    Customer Complaint

    Streamline Quality Control Process with CQ Quality Management System

    Enhanced Productivity and Efficiency

    Our feature-enriched CQ QMS solution allows organizations to track, manage, and document all compliance-related activity in a single dashboard, thus enhancing productivity and efficiency.
    • Reduce the cost of quality
    • Speed up issue resolution time
    Enhanced Productivity and Efficiency
    Configurable and Scalable

    Configurable and Scalable

    ComplianceQuest is a highly flexible, 100% cloud-based EQMS built using the Salesforce platform. We streamline quality, compliance, content and collaboration management workflows across your company and globally-based supply chain networks, using the world’s most proven enterprise cloud platform from Salesforce.
    • Drive continuous improvement and
      accelerate growth
    • Use data-driven insights

    Improved Team Collaboration

    With ComplianceQuest QMS ensures that you are connected to various teams across the globe through a single dashboard and adhere to the quality compliance standards.
    • Adhere to quality with better team
    • Enjoy bird’s-eye view of operations
    Improved Team Collaboration
    Reduced Duplication and Errors

    Reduced Duplication and Errors

    Stop wasting time digging for forms that are lost in mountains of paper, filing cabinets, or spreadsheets. Complete quality tasks wherever you are. ComplianceQuest is available on your computer, tablet, or smartphone.
    • Enable real-time risk-based decision
    • Ensure 100% compliance

    Driving Continuous Improvement for Major Industry Players Across the Globe

    ComplianceQuest covers the whole spectrum of customers, industries, and regions across the world. Whether it is a small, medium, or enterprise sized manufacturer, companies of all sizes choose ComplianceQuest for its end-to-end QHSE solutions.

    EQMS done the right way!!!

    “Compliance Quest has given excellent support in providing customization
    to our specific QMS requirements and sustained guidance through the
    entire migration and integration process.”
    Sudharshan Shetty,
    CEAT Ltd.

    ComplianceQuest and Salesforce – a winning combination

    “the CQ team has proven to be a true partner in our implementation. Their website and demos show how user-friendly and well integrated the modules are.”
    Melanie Lees,
    Quality Director
    Continental Contitech

    Software Design to Deployment without a single piece of code!!!

    “Our experience with implementing ComplianceQuest @ Flipkart has been nothing short of a wonder. A true asset for the organization! 3 Cheers for team ComplianceQuest.”
    Satish Venkataraman,
    Sr. Manager – Quality (SCM)

    Top-Performing QMS Across Various Categories

    Industry Awards

    Recognition from prestigious analysts and organizations is validation of our experience, expertise, and commitment to our vision of providing the best QHSE solution in the world.

    Industry Awards

    Recognition from prestigious analysts and organizations is validation of our experience, expertise, and commitment to our vision of providing the best QHSE solution in the world.

    Tailor-made solutions for all your needs

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    Complaints Management


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    Document Management


    Adopt an electronic approach to document management across the enterprise.
    Equipment Management


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    Inspection Management


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    Non conformance


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    Risk Management


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    Supplier Management


    With ComplianceQuest’s Supplier Management Software, take control of the Supplier Quality across all locations..
    Training Management


    A crucial part of quality, compliance, and safety management, Compliance Quest Training Management allows..
    All-in-one Integrated Quality management Platform

    All-in-one Integrated Quality management Platform

    Get one central view of quality, document, audits, CAPA data that eliminates manual data entry, siloed departmental processes, and rigid software configurations.