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The CQ Care Solution includes ComplianceQuest’s Document and Learning Management Solutions so Customers can go from Sign-Up to GoLive in Five Days!

Tampa, FL — April 23, 2020

ComplianceQuest, recognizes that some of the biggest industry challenges of 2020 due to the current Pandemic are:

  1. Economic slowdown
  2. Companies forced to switch to a remote work environment due to social distancing requirements
  3. Supply Chain disruptions to factory closures

Research shows that companies that emerge from recessions, successfully focus on the following during an economic slowdown:

1. PEOPLE: Focus on investing in employees (vs cutting workforce) who make up the organization to position their company to fuel growth. Accelerate capability building and elevate top grade skills through virtual learning.

2. PROCESS: Take the time to fine tune processes in all departments in an economic slowdown – reprioritize processes to be fixed and re-aligned and focus on standardization.

3. PLATFORM: Consolidate current technology portfolio, invest in platforms for growth and enable technology for teams to effectively communicate and collaborate. In order to help companies overcome current business challenges as quickly as possible, ComplianceQuest is offering its EDMS offering which includes Document and Training/Learning management solutions free for the remainder of 2020 to qualified companies of any size. ComplianceQuest believes that the key to success at this time is an efficient, robust EDMS system that is scalable, quick to implement and one that does not break the bank. CQ seasoned solution architects and engineers have carefully crafted a solution that comes pre-configured to best fit an organization’s goals and objectives.

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