Press Release | January 17th, 2018

ComplianceQuest Announces a Strategic Partnership With Quality Consulting Group to Deliver Best in Class Customer Support in Puerto Rico and Costa Rica

Puerto Rico and Costa Rica are now being supported locally.

ComplianceQuest, a modern cloud Salesforce-based Enterprise Quality Management System (EQMS) announced today, that it is partnering with Quality Consulting Group (QCG) to further strengthen its market reach and the ability to provide world class, localized support to customers in Puerto Rico and Costa Rica. Both Puerto Rico and Costa Rica have emerged as leading locations globally for manufacturing and life sciences sectors.

With skilled, experienced, yet inexpensive workers, low operational costs, a strategic location to support domestic and global markets and a favorable tax climate have lured manufacturers to Puerto Rico for decades. Many multinational companies, particularly in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical devices industries, have chosen Puerto Rico as their home for manufacturing operations.

Costa Rica is a leader in production process sophistication in Latin America, showcasing a consolidated industry that operates with a high level of complexity and broad diversity of manufactured products. A well-established supplier base in the country operating in compliance with international quality standards, the country supports six of the top twenty largest medical device companies in the world who have made Costa Rica their hub for creating a competitive, solid business operation.

Quality Consulting Group excels in providing a solution that clients can rely on. Together, ComplianceQuest and Quality Consulting Group will deliver to these fast-growing regions an EQMS solution that guarantees compliance with global standards and regulations.

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