Why Your Enterprise Needs a QHSE System with a Built-in Integrated ‘5 Whys’ Root Cause Analysis Tool

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April 18th, 2023 10:18

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The 5 Why RCA is one of the most commonly used root cause analysis methods. However, it is typically done manually using a paper-based approach which makes it less effective. The manual process complicates the collaboration between the different team members that are conducting the investigation. It also makes documentation of the investigation much more challenging because it requires that the data and findings generated from the 5 Why analysis be added manually into the QHSE, with important files, notes, and documents remaining undocumented. 

A manual approach also leads to increased chances of miscommunication and lack of collaboration while planning corrective or preventive actions. In this podcast, we discuss why you need a 5 Why method that is digitally integrated with your organization’s QHSE.   

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