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The Salesforce Platform’s proven scalability, security, and extensibility provide manufacturers, who rely on complex supply chains and supplier networks, with greater agility and speed in responding to changing competitive and market conditions.

Ensuring 100% Native Salesforce Compliance

100% of native Salesforce compliance provides customers with the following benefits:

Mobile-first development platform with Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) designed for the enterprise

With the Salesforce1 platform, enterprise application developers have 10X the number of APIs that had been available in the previous-generation Salesforce platform. In addition, the Salesforce1 platform now contains many development tools and applications that provide for mobile-first application development.

Proven global scalability for complex transactions

Proven secure & scalable platform that is averaging 1.5B transactions a day with average access times < 300ms or faster, the Salesforce platform supports over 220,000 applications and the majority of the Fortune 500’s customer-facing initiatives.


Enables enterprise-level compliance on a globally-scalable, secure cloud platform

The Salesforce platform supports 21 CFR Part 11 requirements including eSignatures, audit trail and validation. This functionality provides enterprises with the ability to provide audit, compliance and quality management across globally distributed enterprises – all scalable on the world’s most proven, secure cloud platform.


Transparent, trusted, enterprise-proven platform

Only the Salesforce platform provides a publicly available website that lists the health of every instance and its status. Using the performance of each Salesforce instance worldwide can be reviewed. This brings an entirely new level of transparency and trust to enterprise cloud computing applications.

Easy-to-use, popular interface streamlines learning and adoption, also supporting the latest social collaboration applications from Salesforce

Intuitive, well-known Salesforce interface accelerates how quickly ComplianceQuest applications can be learned and used. Combining its well-known interface with Chatter, the Salesforce platform is easily integrated into a wide spectrum of process workflows, from the simple to the complex. Chatter makes social collaboration real-time and is invaluable in streamlining supplier quality management performance.

Enterprise-class security model

The platform unifies native Salesforce applications across a standards-compliant cloud platform. The Salesforce platform is compliant with FISMA, SSAE 16 (formerly SAS 70), ISO 27001, PCI-DSS Level 1, Safe Harbor & TRUSTe standards.

Real-time streamlined-analytics, reporting and customized queries

Enabling real-time analytics using the Salesforce platform reporting and querying engine, leads to accurate, informative and useful dashboards, reports, alerts and the defining of custom metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs). Salesforce has delivered a highly intuitive and easily learned query builder that streamlines analytics, reporting, and customized queries.

Enterprise extensibility

The Salesforce platform provides support with a core set of APIs including the SOAP API and REST API, the Bulk API, Streaming API, and Metadata API. This rich set of APIs increases application development efficiency and enables greater 3rd party & legacy system integration.

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