Bring Consistency to
Permit Practices

Switch to an AI-based Permit to Work System

Combine permit and risk assessment into one system, with a configurable
workflow that aligns with internal business policies using the ComplianceQuest
Permit-to-Work Management Solution.

  • Managing the permitting process
  • Drive cost efficiencies and profitability growth
  • Use zones to gain better visibility into tasks that require permits
  • Streamline the entire Permit to Work process with a single solution
  • Automatically generate QR codes along with the permit
  • Maintain compliance through proper risk assessment
  • Proactive risk mitigation
  • Integrate with other EHS processes

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The new system improved the effectiveness and efficiency of our documentation and auditing process. It’s now easier to show that workers are aware of documentation, which is proof that our safety program is being implemented. We can also verify that documentation was completed, which is very important.

— Competency Advisor, Clearstream
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Key Features of ComplianceQuest Permit-to-Work Solution

ComplianceQuest’s robust Permit to Work system establishes necessary hazard-specific control. Our risk-based PTW solution offers transparency, analyzes risk trends, helps remain OSHA-compliant, and increases safety culture even in high-hazard environments. With CQ PTW system, streamline the following 10 processes with a data-driven, collaborative approach.

  • Visualized locations
  • Facilitate rapid training
  • Leverage checklist libraries
  • Any device, any time support
  • Flexible Permit-to-Work type support
  • Configurable Permit-to-Work workflows
  • Continuous improvement with decision support
  • Visually represent all risk locations across the enterprise
  • Easy-to-Use and intuitive interface
  • Identify risk level and the hazards and controls requiring permits

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