Join the Quality Revolution: It’s Time to Automate Your Quality Management System


Does your Quality Management System give you a complete picture of the compliance and quality landscape? Or is the view more like a broken mirror reflecting fragmented, disconnected images? Do you know immediately if and when you are non-compliant, or do you hope for the best?

Manual Quality Management Systems are rapidly becoming a thing of the past. In their place, a new generation of automated QMS solutions is stepping up to fully connect all operational areas of your business, producing a true, 360-degree view that ensures all requirements, standards and regulations are met.
Hear about the digital transformation that occurred in the quality department of ContiTech, a $7B, 50,000 employee division of Continental tasked with integrating information from nine SAP instances and over 250,000 quality and compliance rules across the division into a single EQMS (Enterprise Quality Management Solution) solution providing a 360 degree view of quality and compliance in real time.

You will learn :

  • Why automating individual processes of a manual QMS solves some problems while creating others
  • The benefits of a truly end-to-end, cloud-based quality solution
  • How connectivity is achieved between processes and associated recordkeeping
  • Why an EQMS solution is the best approach to maintain complete compliance and quality

This is an information-packed webinar that can help your manufacturing operation take a positive and vital step forward in the areas of compliance and quality.