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Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental Solutions for Metals and Mining

Discover how ComplianceQuest helps meet the QHSE requirements of the Metals and Mining Industry


QHSE Solutions for Mining Industry
ComplianceQuest Solutions for Quality and Health in Mining Industry

Quality & Safety For Better Business & Better Reputation

The mining industry has been working hard at improving its reputation by reducing workplace injury and accidents, addressing environmental concerns and working closely with the communities that may be impacted. There have been many successes, however the industry still faces a reputation of being unsafe for workers and a negative environmental impact on the vicinity. Some challenges faced by this industry include worker safety, vicinity safety, remote locations, permit procurement, waste management, environmental compliance, fluctuating markets and more.

These industries require a fully integrated tool that apply the most stringent compliance standards of quality and safety into the business. This tool should include a strong suite of products like,

  • Environmental assessment: Automatic proactive and reactive reminders to further the organizations compliance goals
  • Inspection: automated processes to mark any failed inspections and alert the relevant personnel real time.
  • Risk management: Realtime dashboards with up to date metrics that provide a complete view of your organizations risk at a glance to the key decision makers
  • Violation reporting: associated investigations, corrective actions and mitigation plans to minimize the potential social and financial impact
  • Incident reporting: improve the safety culture, transparency, and ensure all safety related events are tracked and acted upon.

Most importantly, this system should integrate “Continuous Improvement” on all these fronts to ensure it remains up to date and keeps the business standards improving and drive the injury rate down. It should also collate all the data with a single point of truth and roll it up to the leadership.

The Highest Standards of Quality, Safety, Health and Environment

ComplianceQuest helps metals and mining industries to grow and simultaneously maintain highest standards of safety, health and environment. Our fundamental guiding principles include,

  • Safety Culture: provides the tool for your workers to access and provide safety information
  • Continuous Improvement: ensures your business remains an industry leader in safety and quality.
  • Data at its core: A seamless flow of data across the unified quality and safety system with secure, permission-based access for better decision making.
  • Configurability: Standardized industry best practices with the flexibility to introduce new workflows and catalyze innovation.

All our modules have been built keeping these guiding principles at the core. From our document management system and audit management to noncomformance and training compliance modules, they integrate seamlessly with each other across the cloud platform. Thus, ensuring a complete quality and safety solution for your business.

An Intuitive EQMS & EHS That Is Completely Configurable

Metal and mining companies face many different sets of challenges, from employee safety and incident reporting to environmental impact and assessment. Not to mention remote location supply chains, market fluctuations and reputation building. ComplianceQuest is a fully integrated Quality, Safety, Health and Environment system. Moreover, it is comprised of customizable modules that enable businesses to choose what they need, and then further customize to address their unique requirements.

This advantage comes without extra cost since ComplianceQuest is built and run on Salesforce.com, a highly secure cloud platform trusted by over 4 million businesses worldwide. ComplianceQuest will help you become the quality and safety leader in your industry. And it will cost a lot cheaper than other legacy products and traditional systems.

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