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Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental Solutions for the Hi Tech Industry

Discover how ComplianceQuest helps meet the QHSE requirements of the Hi Tech Industry


ComplianceQuest QHSE Solutions for Hi Tech Industry
Innovations by ComplianceQuest in Hi Tech Industry

Enabling Businesses to Meet and Surpass Rapidly Evolving Consumer Expectations and Survive Disruptive Innovations

While the digital transformation has influenced all the industries, it has impacted the High Tech industry the most. Globalization, changing lifestyles, and technological breakthroughs are rapidly transforming the way the industry has traditionally operated. Companies dealing with semiconductors, electronics, software, computer platforms, and services are today coping with challenges that were almost nonexistent a few decades ago. These challenges include:

  • Shrinking product life cycles
  • Demands for constant product innovation
  • Faster time to market
  • Global supply chain quality management

While the challenges are many, they also bring opportunities for growth for businesses that meet customer expectations in the form of sustained quality management. Businesses operating in the High Tech industry, therefore, need a quality management tool that seamlessly integrates with their other enterprise management software and helps them meet their quality goals.

ComplianceQuest: A Highly Configurable tool that helps companies Scale and Adapt as fast as their Business Demands

Maintaining quality despite disruption is tough. That is why companies operating in the High Tech industry need a quality management solution that simplifies compliance, helps them track and close complaints fast, and spots and addresses quality issues early on in the manufacturing cycle. ComplianceQuest makes this possible by:

  • Automating quality management processes and enabling employees to focus on issues that need human intervention, thereby increasing efficiency and time to resolution
  • Providing visibility across supply chains – whether global or local – thereby ensuring suppliers’ participation in quality management
  • Customizing quality management processes easily and fast to ensure faster time to market

A QHSE that provides the Competitive Edge by using Quality Management to develop Better Products and Hence Ensure Brand Recognition

ComplianceQuest, built and run on salesforce.com – the world’s premier cloud-based business platform – is a quality and safety management system that not only helps manage quality, but transforms quality, health and safety insights into business benefits. Comprised of modules that can be used out-of-the-box or further customized, ComplianceQuest adapts itself to each business’ unique requirements. Highly scalable, secure, and flexible, it simplifies collaboration not only within the organization but even across the supply chain.

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