Quality Management Solutions for the Automotive industry

ComplianceQuest: An EQMS that addresses quality challenges unique to the Automobile Industry

Automobile manufacturers must balance productivity and profitability with safety and quality. ComplianceQuest empowers them to do so by:

  • • Helping them stay compliant by simplifying audits, documentation, equipment management, risk assessment, change management, etc.
  • • Offering insights into quality issues through data analysis
  • • Enhancing collaboration – both internal and external – by simplifying data sharing across devices and locations.
  • • Enabling manufacturers to demonstrate ongoing commitment to safety and sustainability.
  • • Ensure regulatory compliance with IATF 16949, ISO 9000, etc.

Making transport safer and more sustainable by empowering manufacturers to contain risk faster

Automobile manufacturing is being shaped by the combined forces of fuel innovation, consumer demand, emphasis on safety and the impact on the environment. Only those manufacturers, that are able to balance design evolution with technological breakthroughs and yet stay compliant to regulations around the globe, can partake of the expanding automobile market. However, this endeavor is nothing less than a tightrope walk. Quality issues must be addressed at each step of the manufacturing process, including those emanating from the global supply chain, that is an undeniable component of profitability.

The leading factor in quality failure issues is complacence. The ‘If it ain’t broke, why fix it?’ mentality has forced even leading manufacturers to recall their products resulting in losses amounting to billions of dollars. Clearly, a reactive approach to quality management is highly ineffective. Companies need a tool to proactively monitor, assess, and address quality issues early in the manufacturing process. Such a tool should be able to cut across organizational silos to derive business insights. Moreover, it should be scalable and flexible, in order to address the unique requirements of each business.