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What is HSEQ?

ComplianceQuest HSEQ

Prioritizing health, safety, environment, and quality at the workplace with HSEQ management software

Create the right workplace environment for the employees by implementing a cloud-based management system with defined HSEQ goals. Minimize the health and safety risks and provide the employees with the necessary tools and equipment to create a zero-harm culture without compromising on environmental needs

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What is HSEQ?

Health, safety, environment, and quality, commonly referred to with the acronym HSEQ, refers to specializing in the health, safety, environment, and quality management of any organization. Health, safety, environment, and quality deliver a powerful and proven approach to risk-based auditing of business-critical risk areas. Achieving all the objectives of HSEQ management requires extensive communication. This includes

  • Documenting incidents
  • Establishing written procedures and policies
  • Recording results
  • Practicing sustainability and safety as they aim for high quality

Governed by ISO 9001, ISO 45001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001, health, safety, environment, and quality is a framework that allows organizations to analyze and implement practical measures to protect both employees and customers from health, safety, environmental, and quality issues.

  • ISO 9001:2015 applies to all types of organizations. The goal of ISO 9001:2015 is to improve business operations by focusing on producing high-quality products or services that meet customers’ expectations consistently.
  • ISO 14001 enables improving environmental performance while complying with any applicable legislation by focusing on managing operational risk, the impact on economic performance and reputation, and environmental, safety, and society outcomes.
  • OHSAS 18001 or ISO 45001 is a tool designed to efficiently adapt work health and safety management systems to their work.
HSEQ Management

Why is HSEQ Management needed?

By providing a user-friendly and integrated management system, the health, safety, environment, and quality system focuses on assisting sole contractors and businesses to take responsibility for their business’s health, safety, environment, and quality requirements. HSEQ management helps prevent illness and injury by minimizing the risk of unnecessary and potential lawsuits by implementing health and safety management practices. Health, safety, environment, and quality management system trains employees, consolidates the risk assessment procedures and determines health and safety incident reporting processes. With HSEQ Management, organizations can have

  • Management competence: Have a clear understanding of the key H&S issues for your business and continually develop skills and knowledge. The management should understand health and safety policy and develop a strategy by setting standards, monitoring performance, and internal control.
  • Improved tactical implications: Drive the H&S agenda by understanding the risks and opportunities associated with H&S matters and any market pressures that might compromise the values and standards and, ultimately, establish a response strategy.
  • Culture, standards & values: Set the right tone across the organization by establishing an open communication culture both internally and externally on health and safety issues.
  • Internal control: Ensure that all health and safety risks are managed and controlled adequately, and the audit committee should review the existing internal control and audit structures.

Difference Between HSE, HSQE, and HSEQ

  • HSE
    HSE – Health, safety, and environment: The main objective of HSE in an organization is to reduce the cost due to injury, improve safety culture, and support health and safety-related decision-making for an efficient and effective operation.
  • HSQE
    HSQE – Health, safety, quality, and environment: HSQE helps coordinate with the other departments ensuring that the operations are safe and environmentally sound while meeting client needs.
  • HSEQ
    HSEQ – Health, safety, environment, and quality: HSEQ focuses on providing a safe and healthy working environment to workers, contractors, and visitors with minimum impact on the environment.

Importance of HSEQ Certification

Health, safety, environment, and quality certification helps

  • ISO 9001
    Demonstrate to prospective clients that the organization has organized and documented processes that reduce workplace injury, illness, and environmental impact while minimizing the costs associated with workplace safety and environmental accidents..
  • ISO 9001
    Assist the company in meeting pre-qualification requirements to handle government projects.
  • ISO 9001
    Identify, analyze, manage health, safety, environmental, and quality issues under a management system with independent auditing and certification.

There are many HSEQ certifications available across different industries, including:

  • ISO 9001
    NEBOSH National Certificate
  • ISO 9001
    OHSAS 18001/ISO 45001 Occupational health and safety lead auditors certification.
  • ISO 9001
    NEBOSH International General Certificate (IGC)
  • ISO 9001
    IOSH managing safely certificate
  • ISO 9001
    NSC Advanced Health and Safety certification
  • ISO 9001
    Certified Safety Practitioner (CSP) Certificate
  • ISO 9001
    NEBOSH Construction Certificate
  • ISO 9001
    Certified Safety and Health Manager (CSHM) Certificate, etc.
  • ISO 9001
    NEBOSH Oil and Gas Certificate

How does ComplianceQuest's HSEQ help organizations?

ComplianceQuest Health, Safety, Environment, and Quality management software is built on salesforce.com. ComplianceQuest’s HSEQ Management System is a tool aimed at quality, occupational health and safety, and the environment to prevent or mitigate human and economic losses from accidents, adverse occupational exposures, and environmental events. The goal of the Health, Safety, Environment, and Quality Management System is to ensure that the organization complies with the relevant legislation and regulations in the field of occupational health and safety and the environment. The SaaS solution is designed to help businesses automate the process of proactively mitigating risks related to the environment and sustainability. Additionally, enterprises can take a holistic approach and develop employee productivity and morale, reduce the cost of compensation, improve brand reputation and regulatory compliance. Using a data and process-driven approach, ComplianceQuest’s HSEQ management solution helps health, safety, and environmental leaders across industries implement change management efforts that help organizations ensure they are meeting their environmental and corporate responsibility goals.



Benefits of using ComplianceQuest's Digital HSEQ for your business

  • ISO 9001
    Automation and digital transformation of health and safety workflows will proactively help reduce the number of incidents or near-misses
  • ISO 9001
    With advanced analytics capabilities and dashboards, spot health and safety trends, potential environmental risk patterns and create data-driven risk mitigation
  • ISO 9001
    Using a user-friendly, intuitive portal, take preventive measures with a system of collaboration that helps build an enterprise-wide safety culture to address health, safety, and environment-related issues
  • ISO 9001
    Drive efficiency into processes to automate regulatory compliance and regulations such as ISO 14001, US EPA, EEA, ISO 9001: 2015
  • ISO 9001
    Improve collaboration among teams that helps meet health, safety, environmental, and quality goals of the organization

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is HSEQ important for an organization?

The Health, Safety, Environmental, and Quality framework helps businesses in many ways. Some of the benefits are

  • Using best practices, organizations can improve operational efficiency, revenue and optimize cost
  • Creating a safe work environment has a direct relation to employee morale
  • Reducing errors leads to a greater level of customer satisfaction
  • Minimizes the risk of legal action through improved awareness and regulation compliance
  • Helps build a positive corporate image in the eyes of customers, employees, and suppliers
What is HSEQ policy?

By investing in facility marking supplies, companies can enhance their HSEQ management programs and ensure that the business sustains safety, environmental sustainability, and quality for the future. Businesses need a health, safety, environment, and quality policy that focuses on improving employee safety and morale, focusing on the environment. The policy should include the following components:

  • Involvement and empowerment of staff at all organizational levels
  • Customers’ confidence and suppliers’ compliance monitoring
  • Laws, regulations, standards, and other requirements compliance
  • Risk analysis prevention
  • Continuous improvement (CI) in performances, quality of work-life, and cost reduction
What are the key areas of HSEQ?

Each component of HSEQ focuses on health, safety, environment, and quality.

  • Health in the HSEQ framework focuses on developing robust occupational health processes and practices that can prevent or lower the risk of harm to the employees.
  • Safety in the HSEQ framework helps create procedures that identify workplace hazards and implement control measures to minimize accidents and exposure to harmful chemicals or situations.
  • Environment in the HSEQ framework enables the organization to identify, comply with, and implement recommended environmental regulations that can help reduce the company’s carbon footprint.
  • Quality in the HSEQ framework improves customer confidence in the product or service delivered by the organization.

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